uic (用户界面编译器)

此页面文档 uic (用户界面编译器) Qt Widgets 模块。 uic reads an XML format user interface definition ( .ui ) file as generated by Qt Designer and creates a corresponding C++ header file.


uic [options] <uifile>


The following table lists the command-line options recognized by uic .

Option 描述
-h, --help Displays help on commandline options.
-v, --version Displays version information.
-d, --dependencies Display the dependencies.
-o, --output <file> Place the output into <file>
-a, --no-autoconnection Do not generate a call to QObject::connectSlotsByName() .
-p, --no-protection Disable header protection.
-n, --no-implicit-includes Disable generation of #include-directives .
--postfix <postfix> Postfix to add to all generated classnames.
--tr, --translate <function> Use <function> for i18n.
--include <include-file> Add #include <include-file> to <file> .
-g, --generator <python|cpp> 选择生成器。
--idbased Use id based function for i18n
--from-imports Python: generate imports relative to '.'


若使用 qmake , uic will be invoked automatically for header files.

Here are useful makefile rules if you only use GNU make:

ui_%.h: %.ui
        uic $< -o $@

If you want to write portably, you can use individual rules of the following form:

ui_foo.h: foo.ui
        uic $< -o $@

You must also remember to add ui_foo.h to your HEADERS (substitute your favorite name).