Qt State Machine 的变化

Qt 6 是努力使框架更高效,且更易于使用的结果。

为兼容每个发行的所有公共 API,我们试着维护二进制和源代码。但是,为使 Qt 成为更优框架,一些改变是不可避免的。

In this topic we summarize those changes in Qt State Machine module, and provide guidance to handle them.


Qt StateMachine module is generally speaking source compatible with the Qt5 version and users of the library should be able to continue with no or minor changes to their project.


QSignalTransition::senderObject () Getter 和相关 Q_PROPERTY 现在还使用 const QObject *. These are now better aligned with the setter QSignalTransition::setSenderObject (const QObject*) that takes a const QObject * 作为参数。


As with Qt 6 in general, the Qt State Machine module has cmake support in addition to qmake.

QML 导入

The QML import versioning is optional unless one has a specific reason for not using the latest. Generally speaking the versioned imports work from version 5.8 to 6.x, where 'x' is the current minor release.