Qt Lottie Animation

Qt Lottie Animation provides a QML API for rendering graphics and animations that are exported in JSON format by the Bodymovin plugin for Adobe After Effects.


Import the types using the the following statement:

import Qt.labs.lottieqt 1.0

GitHub page for Bodymovin for instructions on how to download and install the plugin for Adobe After Effects.


The implementation follows the master specification for bodymovin . Deviations in exported Bodymovin files compared to the specification are taken into account as much as possible when differences are noticed.

General limitations

  • precomps are not supported
  • expressions are not supported
  • the timeline only supports frame-mode, not time-mode

Animation level limitations

The following properties are not supported:

  • assets - reusable text and images
  • chars text


Only the shape layer and the alpha mask adjustment layer are supported.

The following properties are not supported:

  • ao (auto-orientation)
  • bm (blend mode)
  • maskProperties (masks)
  • sr (time stretch)


The following elements and shapes are not supported:

  • the gstroke (group stroke) element
  • the star element
  • Nested Repeater shapes

Also note that the behavior when using multiple active trim paths (e.g. trim paths in nested groups) is unpredictable.


The only supported effects are Slide and Layer Fill .


Qt Lottie Animation is available under commercial licenses from Qt 公司 。此外,它是可用的在 GNU GPL (一般公共许可) 第 3 版 。见 Qt 许可 进一步了解细节。