Button QML Type

Push-button that can be clicked to perform a command or answer a question. 更多...

导入语句: import QtQuick.Controls 2.1
Since: Qt 5.7



RoundButton and ToolButton



Button presents a push-button control that can be pushed or clicked by the user. Buttons are normally used to perform an action, or to answer a question. Typical buttons are OK , Apply , Cancel , Close , Yes , No ,和 Help .

Button inherits its API from AbstractButton . For instance, you can set text , display an icon , and react to clicks 使用 AbstractButton API.

A button emits the signal clicked() when it is activated by the user. Connect to this signal to perform the button's action. Buttons also provide the signals canceled() , doubleClicked() , pressed() , released() and pressAndHold() for long presses.

See the snippet below on how to connect to the button's signals.

RowLayout {
    Button {
        text: "Ok"
        onClicked: model.submit()
    Button {
        text: "Cancel"
        onClicked: model.revert()

另请参阅 Customizing Button and 按钮控件 .


flat : bool

This property holds whether the button is flat.

A flat button typically does not draw a background unless it is pressed or checked.

默认值为 false .

highlighted : bool

This property holds whether the button is highlighted.

A button can be highlighted in order to draw the user's attention towards it. It has no effect on keyboard interaction.

默认值为 false .