Qt for Android

Qt for Android enables you to run Qt applications on Android devices. The following configurations are supported:

分发 体系结构 编译器 注意事项
Android 6.0 or later (API level 23 or higher) armv7a , x86 , arm64-v8 ,和 x86_64 Clang 11.0.5 (NDK r22b), Clang 9.0.8 (NDK r21) and Clang 8.0.7 (NDK r20b) as provided by Google, MinGW 8.1

下表汇总了 Qt for Android 能做什么:

  • 运行 Widget-based and QML applications on a device or an emulator.
  • 支持 材质风格 with Qt Quick Controls.
  • Retrieve positioning data using satellite or network information.
  • Develop secure applications using OpenSSL library.
  • Create and deploy Application Package (APK) and Android App Bundle (AAB) packages using Qt Creator.

以下主题提供有关如何使用 Qt for Android 的更多细节: